Insulation (Acoustic) Sponges

Insulation (Acoustic) Sponges

Insulation (Acoustic) Sponges

Eva Sponge

Insulation (Acoustic) Sponges are called insulation materials with sound absorbing feature that prevent echo. Cinema hall, theater hall, hospital room etc. used in the fields.

It has 80 -120 Kg/m3 density, 20 Share A hardness, 1.5mm-30mm thickness. Roll, sheet, die-cut, kiss-cut adhesive and non-adhesive. It is used for bag, sealing, buffering. Anthracite grey, white and other colors are available.

Epdm Sponge

It has a density between 50kg/m3 and 200kg/m3, a hardness of 30-60 Share and a thickness between 1.2mm-30mm. It is applied in the fields of white goods, aviation, electronics, construction and automotive. It is black color.

Rubber Sponge

There are 60kg/m3 density and 3mm-50mm thickness alternatives. It has -40 +125 working temperature resistance. Solvent and UV resistance. Humidity, sound insulation and vibration prevention are application areas.

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Rubber Foam Properties

Intensity Kg/m³ 45-60 TS EN 1602
Operating temperature °C -40 ~ +120 ----
Heat Permeability Coefficient 10°C 0.032W/m°K TS EN 16667
Heat Permeability Coefficient 20°C 0.033W/m°K TS EN 16667
Heat Permeability Coefficient 30°C 0.034W/m°K TS EN 16667
Heat Permeability Coefficient 40°C 0.035W/m°K TS EN 16667
non-flammability ---- PASS MVSS 302

Eva Sponge Features

Intensity gr/m³ 0,075±0,010 TS EN ISO 845
Hardness shore A 24±5 EN ISO 868
Tensile Strength kPa ≥450 TS EN ISO 1798
Elongation at Break % ≥150 TS EN ISO 1798
Tear Strength kg/cm ≥2 TS 4698 ISO 34-1
Permanent Deformation 50% (0,5 Sa) % ≤30 ASTM D 3575
Water Absorption kg/m² 0,0060±0,0010 ASTM D 3575
Operating temperature °C -50 ~ +80 ----